Megan holds multiple advanced yoga teaching certifications. She currently teaches group, private, and corporate yoga classes in Paris, France. Believing in the healing power of yoga on all levels, she strives to create balance and a sense of progression in her students’ practices.

Megan began a dedicated practice after discovering hot yoga in 2012. She completed her first 200 hr vinyasa training with BodyMindLife (Sydney) in early 2017, and after continued on to more trainings to study sequencing, yoga therapy, alignment, and hands-on assists. In 2019 Megan completed additional advanced vinyasa yoga trainings in Paris and in the French Alps with her teachers Noelle Connolly, Simon Park, and Klara Puski.

She holds a BS in biological sciences (Northern Kentucky University), and is currently working towards obtaining her MA in biological sciences (Miami University of Ohio). She travels to remote field sites as part of her coursework, within the Project Dragonfly, Global Field Program. As a biologist, she has a passion for science, animals, nature, and conservation.

About Prana Rise Yoga

In yoga, the Sanskrit word prana can be translated as energy or breath. When we rise each morning with the sun, we have a chance to enhance, renew, and refresh our energy.

Self transformation happens through consistent study, healthy rituals, and dedicated practice. The combination of the asana practice (physical yoga postures) and the pranayama practice (breathwork techniques) prepare the mind and body for clarity, tranquility, and meditation.