”We are very pleased to have Megan guide us on our weekly yoga journey. Megan is a highly professional and talented yoga instructor. She provided us with sequences that can be performed by everyone while seated in an office environment. Every session was different and exciting and Megan never hesitated to incorporate any of our suggestions/wishes. The sessions were recorded outdoors with relaxing nature-view and the video/audio settings were up to standard. Thank you Megan, the soothing effects of these sessions are highly appreciated.

Ali El Sayed

President of Lengnau Culture Committee, CSL Behring  

Private Clients:

“Megan creates a calm, nurturing and dynamic environment to practice yoga. Her kind, motivating and patient energy has really helped me to get the most out of our practice together. She has tailored lessons to the needs of my body, mind and spirit. Her attention to detail in the posture has strengthened my practice and connection to the poses. Moreover, she is professional and her integrity of training is apparent, thus I am able to trust her guidance fully. Through her classes I have developed a strength of mind and body. This is something that I could not have imagined when I started yoga with her as a complete beginner less than a year ago. Her love and passion for yoga is infectious and I am grateful to have her as my yoga teacher.”

 Claire Robertson,

Registered Psychologist, Paris

“After undergoing some personal hardships Megan’s yoga guidance and instruction have been instrumental in helping me regain both physical and mental balance/health. Megan is an excellent and incredibly patient yoga instructor. My husband and I practice together and despite our different abilities she is always able to design classes that meet both our needs and ambitions. Megan is just great! Take a class and you’ll be hooked.” 


Alessandra Audi

“After taking far too many years away from my yoga practice, injuries and age gave me pause to start yoga again. Megan’s guidance, kindness, and holistic approach has been a wonderful way to renew my practice, and as a result, myself. The one on one approach paying particular focus and consideration to those injuries has allowed me to gradually return, and even work towards healing, on many levels. Something I feel may have been far more difficult to accomplish in a group session. While I yet have much to work to do, I am beyond grateful to be working towards my goals with Megan as my guide, and teacher.” 

Benjamin Haggerty

CEO – Guide Us Green Inc. CFO – Green Streets

LLC Founder – The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati

“Je recommande vivement les cours de Yoga de Megan, qui apportent détente et tonus, très efficaces pour lutter contre le stress. Toujours avec bienveillance et sourire, un grand moment de plaisir”

translation: “I highly recommend Megan’s Yoga classes, which bring relaxation and tone, very effective in fighting stress. Always with kindness and a smile, a great moment of pleasure “

Laurence Berthelot

Partner, Oresys Paris

Megan taught my Mother of 88 years her first yoga lesson ever. My Mother reported that she thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Megan was a super teacher. She also stated that Megan is an exceptionally kind and thoughtful person which made the lesson doubly enjoyable. She is looking forward to her next lesson and learning more.

Penelope Robertson

Via Instagram:

“This is the post of gratitude to my amazing yoga teacher @pranariseyoga Megan inspires me daily to strive for physical awareness and mental serenity. Day after day I’m becoming stronger and more flexible and I feel FANTASTIC! I can say for sure that individual yoga lessons online work 100% and I wholeheartedly recommend Megan to all who consider yoga as a tool to improve their quality of life ❤️🧘🏻 #yoga #health #happiness

Ekaterina Gubanova

Opera Singer


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